Custom cups that enhance craft beer and your brand


Why Craft Cups?

You work hard at your craft to make your beer and events stand out from the rest. Here at Craft Cups, we want to supply you with a cup that shows off your brand and makes your beer look and taste its best. 

What Are Craft Cups?

Craft Cups are a 100% recyclable, crystal clear disposable cup. What makes our cups different from the rest is the curved profile, which gives your craft patrons a better interaction with the beer you brew. Just like how a shaker pint isn't made for beer, neither are the standard disposable cups out there. Craft Cups come in 2 sizes - 16oz Pints and 6oz Taster cups, which are perfect for serving flights or sampling your beer!

When Would I Use Craft Cups?

Serve your beer out of glassware whenever you can!  However, there are plenty of times when its impractical, costly, and dangerous to use glassware.  Craft Cups are perfect for large events, outdoor events, beer tastings, hiking, and much more!


How do we get your brand on a cup?

The designers at Craft Cups work with you to make sure the branding on the cup speaks to you and your event or brewery.  Are you looking for a big, full logo print?  Or are you more of a minimalist when it comes to branding?  We take pride in the branding of each order we get and give you a few visual options to choose from.


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