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Here at Craft Cups we believe that a strong distribution network will help get more craft beers into the hands of customers. We created a distribution program that helps qualified distributors achieve good margins while growing a sustainable business.

Craft Cups Pints and Tasters are unlike carrying a typical disposable cup. When Craft Cups Tasters are placed in the craft beer section of your store, customers are reminded that tasting and sharing more styles of beer is a better way to experience the variety that craft beer has to offer.  

We want to help people discover the ever-growing variety of craft beer, and that starts with providing distributors like you with the first disposable cup created specifically for craft beer.


  • Operate within the contiguous United States & Canada
  • Be a reseller of products - Products are not for personal use

We'll review your application as soon as we can - so grab a pint and a Craft Cups rep will contact you shortly!


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